Gyre Services

Something just to offer you.


You want it fast? It’s fast. You want it slow? It’s slow. You want it now? Get it now. You want it later? Schedule. Gyre Ride, it’s safe, reasonable and accurate. Ride with Pride.


Oh! Shit traffic and the busy, busting roads, I don’t wanna go out just to send out these parcels. Doesn’t matter if you are SME’s, corporation or an individual trying to send gifts, business papers, cheques, or as you wish. We deliver everything safe, fast with an user ability to track every movement.


Have you been in a situation when your vehicle needs assistance where the road is empty with not a single person ready to help you? Or, you are partying heavy and you have no one to lift your car back home? No worries, Our Gyre Assistance is always there to back you up.